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Welcome to Cornucopia Software, makers of Practice MAGIC, the billing and practice management software that counts for your psychotherapy practice. If you are looking for the website of Philip Manfield, Ph.D., go to Cornucopia Software offers reasonably priced psychotherapy billing software for both Macintosh (all but LION OS and later) and all Windows operating systems. Once you've tried MAGIC, you'll understand why Practice Strategies cited Practice MAGIC as one of the two (out of 19) that were recommended as the best for solo practices. (The other recommended package costs eight times as much as MAGIC)

For questions about the CMS-1500 insurance form in use since April, 2014 or new CPT codes that came into use 1/1/13, or the NPI#  and special instructions to accommodate these, please click on What's New. ICD-10 diagnose codes are now integrated in Practice MAGIC software. and are currently displayed for diagnosis help.

Please Note: We regret to announce that Practice Magic does NOT work on the new MAC operating system, LION, or subsequent MAC native operating systems, and never will, other than in a Windows environment on the same machine. The company that produced our compiler, has gone out of business, so the compiler is not being updated for LION and we will not be able to recompile to establish LION compatibility.

From this website you can:

  • Find information about Practice MAGIC including pricing and ordering information.
  • Download downdisk.gif (515 bytes) a working demo copy of the program with all the MAGIC features. The demo will expire after approximately one month.  All data you have entered will be automatically imported into the full MAGIC program.
  • Those who already use MAGIC can obtain enhanced support services.
  • Our on-line user's manual provides a detailed table of contents with hyperlinks for each entry and a trouble shooting section with detailed suggestions and hyperlinks to appropriate sections of the manual.
  • There are also pages to help you report bugs and suggest improvements to our products and services.

If you don't find what you are looking for here, you may contact us at:
E-mail Address: supports.jpg (5397 bytes)
Postal Address: P.O. Box 6111, Albany, CA 94706.

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