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Books and other products

In addition to Practice MAGIC software, Dr. Philip Manfield, has written or edited many widely respected psychotherapy books and articles.  The following books and other products can be ordered from this page or through other vendors:

BookCoverphotosh_330front.jpg (1296626 bytes) What I most enjoyedmost about this book is the sense that I was listening to a master clinician, and watching him put all of his skills to work in the service of EMDR. Basically, watching a lifetime of experience.  It is more complete on this topic (resourcing) than anything else I am aware of. I will be recommending it as a primary source on resource development. - Robert Tinker, PhD, Co-author with Sandra Wilson: Through the Eyes of a Child: EMDR with Children, (W.W.Norton, 1999)

                  orderbook.jpg (14751 bytes)

casebook.jpg (83408 bytes) "This volume opens the door and allows us to view the practices of a diverse group of seasoned EMDR clinicians.  EMDR Casebook allows readers to consider the implications of an intetrated, focused therapeutic approach to the treatment of a wide range of often resistant pathologies. It also extends an open invitation to readers to further expand the EMDR knowledge-base in terms of both innovative theoretical and preactical applications." - Francine Shapiro, Ph.D.

"I found this to be a highly readable volume and recommend it to clinicians interested in using EMDR for an expanding range of patient concerns." - Donnah Nickerson-Reiti, M.D., in Psychiatric Services

Extending EMDR "Extending EMDR is an important and necessary addition to the library of any clinician using EMDR." - David A. Console, M.D., The Menninger Foundation, Topeka, Kansas.

"This volume offers a vivid picture of the practice and expanding range of applications (of EMDR)." - Paul Wachtel, Ph.D., City U. of N. Y.

"This rich complexity makes for a volume that can be instructive in helping to define the very process and parameters of change." - Francine Shapiro, Ph.D.

(A German language version, Innovative EMDR - Ansatze, is now available from Junfermann Publishers).   You can order or find out more about Extending EMDR or EMDR Casebook by clicking here on |
Split Self, Split Object)

"Dr. Manfield's book is nothing less than a masterwork of clinical teaching. ... It is a real gift to mental health professionals and to the people they serve." - Stephen M. Johnson, Ph.D., author of Humanizing the Narcissistic Style and Character Styles.

"Split Self/ Split Object is a brilliant and highly readable book." - Jeffrey Seinfeld, Ph.D., author of The Empty Core.


3minuteconsultatioins.jpg (43562 bytes) "The essays in this book, written by the most prominent psychotherapists today, are taken from their seminal works. Divided into two parts, this resourceful collection covers basic issues that come up in every therapy and addresses specific situations for the psychotherapist, counselor, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, student, and layperson." - Editorial Review
You can order or find out more about Split Self/Split Object and Dr. Manfield's other books by clicking here or on

If you have any difficulty obtaining these books contact the author, Phil Manfield at drphilm.jpg (4948 bytes) or telephone 510-528-7000

EMDR Casebook, edited by Philip Manfield, Ph.D.  Published by  W.W. Norton, 2003. List price: $27

Extending EMDR: A Casebook of Innovative Applications, edited by Philip Manfield, Ph.D.  Published by  W.W. Norton, 1998. List price: $37

Split Self/ Split Object: Understanding and Treating Borderline, Narcissistic and Schizoid Disorders by Philip Manfield, Ph.D.   Published by  Jason Aronson, 1992.   List price: $55

Most booksellers typically sell these books at a discount, usually about 20% off of the list price. Logo

Click on the above graphic box to reach the home page to order these or any other books.



You may also download free software called There & Back to assist in conducting EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

Download There & Back Software for Windows (Free)

    There & Back was written to be distributed free to EMDR practitioners.  It works on all Windows computers and laptops, producing visual, auditory, and kinisthetic alternating bilateral stimulation.  The tones it produces are selectable as is the small image that moves back and forth across the screen in any of four selectable patterns.  By turning the volume up, the vibration of the headphones can be used as kinesthetic stimulation.

To begin downloading, click on There & Back  or the disk icon below. You will be offered the choice of running the program in place or saving it.  Select SAVE.  When the program is done downloading, you will be offered the option of opening it;  Click on OPEN.  The program will then be installed automatically.  In the future, to run the installed There & Back, click on the START button in the bottom left corner of your screen to open the START menu and select PROGRAMS, which will open the PROGRAMS menu.  You will find There & Back at the bottom of the PROGRAMS menu.

Click here to download There & Back ( 2.3 meg.)
Last updated: May 1, 2003.

To download a free copy of There & Back for your Windows computer, click on the disk below:

downdisk.gif (515 bytes)


The following items can be ordered from NeuroTek Corporation.  The purchase of any of these items entitles the purchaser to a free six month copy of Practice MAGIC with documentation:

EyeScan 2000, 4000, etc.


LapScan 2000

Tac/AudioScan 2000


The following is a "how to" e-book designed for therapist interns and therapists just starting their practices:

The following items can be ordered from Time Now Corporation Corporation:

The Invisible Clock

The invisible clock is an electronic timing device designed specifically with the needs of psychotherapists in mind that alerts you to the end of sessions by vibrating silently in you pocket. It can be set to operate in a variety of modes and  costs only $39.95.

Additonal EMDR and NLP software can be ordered from: