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About Practice MAGIC

Overview of Practice Magic

Practice MAGIC runs on all Windows computers and all MAC computers.  It combines a unique calendaring feature with billing and check depositing features. The result is a reasonably priced program that makes the paperwork of running a practice almost effortless. The program maintains a record of all clinical and non-clinical appointments. Weekly, multiweekly, and biweekly appointments can be carried forward from week to week automatically. It can print a day sheet or a week's calendar of appointments in a variety of formats including one that replaces Daytimer calendar inserts. Input payment information directly into MAGIC and MAGIC will print a deposit slip for your bank deposit. Although your bank provides you with pre-formatted deposit slips, we have found that banks happily accept the clearly printed and annotated deposit slips generated by Magic. With no further keyboard input from you, MAGIC can use that deposit information and the clinical procedural and financial information in its calendar to generate client/patient statements or fill out a variety of insurance forms without any further input from the user.

Appointment Calendar Screen: Appointments can be entered directly onto an on-screen CMS-1500 form or an appointment calendar.  Below is a magnified image of the appointment calendar screen that the Windows version of Practice MAGIC displays:

calendar screen shot

Practice MAGIC is Calendar Driven

    When you run Practice MAGIC for the first time you will notice that, unlike data-base driven software, MAGIC presents you with a weekly calendar of appointments to fill out. You can use this calendar as your appointment calendar, printing a copy to carry with you or insert into your Daytimer, or you can simply ignore the time slots and use the calendar as a simplified method of data entry. To enter a new appointment simply select an appointment slot and type the initials of the client/patient. MAGIC assumes a default procedure and frequency which you can change if you wish, so in most cases there is no further data entry necessary. The process of canceling or rescheduling an appointment is equally effortless using the calendar. Changes in appointment particulars including time and procedure are accomplished using a menues which appears at the top of the screen (as shown above).

    The time of a selected appointment is displayed at the bottom of the screen as well as the name of the client, the visit number, the frequency of appointments for this client, and any comment you may have entered for this client/patient. The appointment slot moves when you change the time to one that is not on the hour (as shown above). The calendar displays regular weekly appointments in bold and a distinct color to differentiate them from irregular appointments. Non-clinical appointments are indicated by an initial period and are also displayed in a distinct color. It is easy to display the appointment calendar for other weeks and at the bottom of the screen MAGIC gives you a count of clinical appointments for each week displayed.

    Note that several appointments on Tuesday in the above screen illustration and some on Thursday are scheduled on the half hour, and are graphically displayed that way.  (The USER menu at the top of this screen is include only in multi-user versions.)  Appointments shown in black are weekly appointments while those in blue may vary from week to week.  MAGIC has the ability to automatically schedule all WEEKLY appointments for the following week. Non-clinical appointments (like "LUNCH") are preceded by a period and displayed in red. Display colors are user configurable.


Pricing: Practice MAGIC is extremely reasonably priced.  We rely on volume and word-of-mouth advertising to help us keep our prices down. (So, please, when you've tried MAGIC and found it incredibly powerful yet simple to use, tell a friend.) We have a variety of versions of the program, all of which permit electronic transmission of insurance claims to a clearing house if you so desire:

Prices: $99.95 for the standard version that fills out cms-1500 forms only, $129.95 for standard full program. (Both "standard" programs are good for three years - price covers program, manual and two yearly updates.  Subsequent yearly updates are required and are $39.95) An "unlimited" version is also available for $179.95 that requires no updates. (We no longer charge S&H for any orders because all orders are filled via internet. California residents add 7.75% sales tax.)


Fact Sheet

for Practice Magic

Program Name:Practice MAGIC

Version Number: 6000.09

Company Name: Cornucopia Software

Contact Person: Margaret Kilday, Christina Marua

Address: P.O. Box 6111

Albany, CA 94706

Phone #: 510-528-7000

Telephone Hours: M,W,Th 8:30 to noon Pacific Time and Friday 10am - 6pm

Number of practices using this software: 4800 as of 6/1/04

Is the software specifically written for Mental Health Practices: Yes

Operating Systems: Windows (3.x, 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP,  etc.), Macintosh (All  including OSX)

Minimum System Requirements: Any windows computer or a Macintosh with 7 megabytes of RAM (specify when ordering)

Demo Price: Fully functional time-limted demo is Free when downloaded from

Price: $99.95 for the standard version that fills out CMS-1500 forms only, $129.95 for standard full program. (Both "standard" programs are good for three years - price covers program, manual and two yearly updates.  Subsequent yearly updates are required and are $39.95) An "unlimited" version is also available for $179.95 that requires no updates. (All orders are filled via internet.)

Y2K compliant: Yes

Electronic Billing: Yes. Practice MAGIC can place insurance billing data on disk in a form acceptable to almost all clearing houses, which then transmit the data to the various insurance companies.  (To do this, you must register with an electronic claims clearing house and possibly pay a separate fee to the clearing house.  Cornucopia currently recommends Eclaims charges an initial registration fee a $.39 per submission.) 

Extra cost modules: There is a $50 charge for Palm Pilot hotsync capability (windows only). Upgrades resulting form changes in operating system are sold for $39.95.

Refund Policy: Complete refund (minus S&H) during first month if not fully satisfied. Free demo provides a one month trial. All data entered into demo is automatically imported into the full program.

Support Policy: No charge for routine support for one person per office for two months. Support is usually available after this period, depending on utilization.   A fee is charged for support in transferring data to a new computer or hard disk.   There is also a small charge for retraining new staff in an office where the previous staff had already received support.

Upgrade Policy: Some new features may be included each year with yearly update. There is a $39.95 charge for major upgrades.

Maximum number of providers: 1  (A multi-user version is available)

Maximum number of clients: 660 per user (This is the limit for ACTIVE client accounts. There is no limit for inactive clients.)  For a small additional charge we will supply a version that handles 3000 or 6000 active clients.

Maximum number of transactions: none

Accounting Features: Simplified Checking Deposits.

Generates sorted deposit summaries, subtotaled by client or insurance

Credit adjustments permitted (or fee reductions).

Export deposit info to Quicken(pre-2005) and others (See below)

Can the program age balances? Yes

Can the program print and track authorization numbers? Yes

Can the program track insurance benefit limits? Yes

Can the program print a list of client phone numbers? Yes

Prints client statements including copayments, visit dates, payments, aging of balance, and insurance (payments and balances.)

Can the program print a client list with telephone numbers? Yes

Filters and sorts available: various

Can the program print client statements? Yes

Can the program calculate copayments? Yes

Can the program handle deductibles? Yes

Can the program handle procedures with varying units? Yes

How many fee schedules can be defined: One for each client/patient. Uses defaults unless specified. (fee for each procedure defined separately)

Does the program support primary insurance billing? Yes

Does the program support secondary insurance billing? Yes

Can the program fill out the cms-1500 insurance form? Yes (accurately!!!) It can not only fill one out, but version 6 for Windows can print the red ink form as well.

Are special insurance forms available? Yes

No cost for additional forms already defined. $25 to define new form.

Can the program calculate interest or finance charges? Yes

Does the program support a mouse? Yes

Is it menu driven? Yes. (It may never be necessary to consult the manual.)

Can the program bill a responsible party other than the client? Yes

Does the program have a scheduling feature? Yes

Can the program print a report listing all unpaid services? Yes

ADDITIONAL FEATURES making Practice Magic unique

Requires a minimum of data entry. Weekly and biweekly appointments entered automatically; only data entry requirements are for check deposits, new clients or appointment changes. Everything else is automatic.

Tracks managed care visits and alerts user when reports are due.

Prints appointment schedules in various sizes and formats. May be used as calendar insert for Daytimers.

Bills all members of GROUPS automatically.

At user's option, uses the term "Client" or "Patient" consistently throughout.

Exports deposit data to Quicken(pre-2005) and many other check-writing and money management software packages.

Allows writing and editing of client process notes.

Identifies sessions for which insurance payment has not been received.

Handles deductibles.

Hotsync capability with Palm Pilots and many other hand-helds

Outputs a billing file for electronic billing to most clearing houses including