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Cornucopia Software does not accept credit cards directly, although you can pay by credit card through PAYPAL with a $5 surcharge. (See details on our pricing information page) Our preferred method of ordering is for you to send us a check for the proper amount give us your ordering information here on this page, indicating in the comment section that a check has been mailed, and for what amount.  When we receive that message with the order, we will respond by e-mailing your order to you without waiting to receive your check. The order will consist of a web address from to download the full version of Practice MAGIC that you ordered so that you can begin using it immediately.  If you have been using our DEMO, all the information you have entered will be automatically imported by the full program when you install it. If you have not been using the demo and your operating system is Windows or Vista, please download and install the demo from our website before installing the full program.  The demo will place certain required files on you computer. 

Detailed pricing information is available on our Pricing and Ordering page.

For an update of ICD9 CODES to ICD10 ($29.95), click here

Order Form

Please FILL OUT ALL FIELDS and be as specific as possible.


  • [Note that all new orders come with the CMS-1500 upgrade, allowing them to fill out CMS-1500 forms with NPI#. ALL ORDERS ARE NOW DELIVERED VIA INTERNET, so there is NO $10 S&H charge.]
  • What version of the software would you like to order? (single user pricing listed)

  • What operating system are you using?


  • Please indicate how many therapists this program will be for (see pricing information page if more than 1):

  • (Type "1" if you will be the only user.)

  • Please input your name, address, and a telephone number where we can reach you and best time to reach you. If you are ordering an update, bu sure to fill in the box lower down where it asks the number that Magic is displaying.
  • (If you are writing for a paid support call, be sure to acknowledge that you understand the charge for the call will be $25 for each quarter hour or part thereof.)

  • NOTE THAT ORDERS WILL BE SENT (via Internet) ONLY AFTER WE EITHER RECEIVE PAYMENT OR A NOTIFICATION FROM YOU THAT PAYMENT HAS BEEN SENT. All orders are delivered to you electronically as a download from the Internet. You may use this box to notify us you have sent payment or to let us know if you have any special requests:

  • Please provide us with the following information in case we need to contact you:


    Name (if different from above):    
    If you are ordering an update, WE CAN NOT SERVICE YOUR RQUEST without the number that appears
in the dialog box that told you your program was expiring. Please input it here:   

E-mail:     (If you make a mistake typing your e-mail address, we will not be able to reach you.)   

      So that we know you are a live person, in the box below, you must

     spell out the number that is the sum of 34 minus 24 times 2,

     Use only lowercase (small) letters: